Attract Patients

Automated Patient Lead Generation

Attract More
New Patients

Reach people in your community that need physical therapy but are unaware of its immense benefits. Forget relying on referrals or marketing that attracts a sliver of the market - get a proven platform that attracts more patients.

Direct To Consumer Ads

Facebook Ads That Deliver Real Results

Tap into the world’s largest social network to attract up to 9X more of your community than other channels. Educate with patient-centric ads that transform your practice into the #1 destination for conservative care.
  • Automated Facebook Ads that deliver a consistent flow of visits to your practice.
  • 100% HIPAA compliant ads that have been optimized across thousands of campaigns for the best results.

Landing Pages

Professional Landing Pages Done For You

Your online ads are built around helping people solve their problems and so should the landing pages you send them to. Get high-performing landing pages that provide the best first impression and generate more new patients leads.
  • No designers, developers, or copywriters needed. Get up and running, generating new patients leads quickly.
  • Fully A/B tested landing pages that deliver the best results for your practice.

Marketing Campaigns

Proven Campaigns To Attract More Patients

Fill your space and clinicians' schedules as quickly as possible with multiple campaign options. Choose from virtual and in-person workshops, partner events, promotional offers, and more.
  • Get results quickly with pre-built & optimized patient-centric marketing campaigns.
  • Become known in your area for the specialty of your choice.
The fact that we don’t ebb and flow…we don’t really have those slow times. That’s been a weight off of my shoulders.
Dan Neff
Neff Physical Therapy
Within 1 year’s time, the offer we received was doubled because of our marketing efforts that we learned.
Cathy & Joe Scarpitto
ProCare Physical Therapy

Features & Benefits

The Tools You Need To Attract More Patients

Facebook Ads
With more than $2m in yearly ad management - Get the leading full-service facebook ads team for PT Private Practice.
Landing Pages
Get professional landing pages that are optimized to generate high-quality patient leads.
HIPAA Compliant
Get the highest standard of healthcare compliance to protect your marketing efforts.
Live Workshops
Get the training and infrastructure to host virtual or in-person workshops that produce loyal patients.
Promotional Campaigns
Easily run promotional campaigns to increase visits at an existing clinic or accelerate growth for a new location.
Partner Campaigns
Leverage campaigns that allow you to easily partner with local businesses to generate more patients.