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CMS Releases the 2022 Fee Schedule and Final Rule Earlier this month, CMS published the final 2022 fee schedule and complete final rule for Medicare payment policies. Chad Madden, Breakthrough cofounder, teamed up with Mary Daulong, President and CEO at Business & Clinical Management Services (BCMS) to discuss the new rules shortly after they were […]

Andrea Sanders
Breakthrough Team

Get to Know Breakthrough Employees Meet Jordana Knoblauch, our Strategic Account Manager and Queen of Questions (she always asks the best ones). Q: What is your job at Breakthrough?  A: I’m the Strategic Account Manager for existing customers who want to explore new products and opportunities, such as beta programs and expansion to other locations. […]

Andrea Sanders

When talking to potential patients, most Physical Therapy practice owners focus only on their programs and products. They spend all their time talking about the PT services themselves, but by doing so, they’re neglecting a huge piece of their marketing strategy: the takeaway.  In other words, what is the audience going to take away or […]


If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you’re either a physical therapy private practice owner trying to wear ALL hats or the single marketing person in a practice that’s trying to get new ideas…but you have one burning problem around solving the physical therapy marketing mystery. You want new and innovative ways to […]


*Updated: Original Publish Date 3/4/2020 / Latest Version changed 7/14/2021 Many owners go into private practice Physical Therapy with the goal of having more than one location. At Breakthrough, we’ve worked with a number of owners who have multiple locations in their home state and are opening up de novo clinics continuously. At my practice, […]


Direct access marketing is opening some pretty big doors for private PT practices. In most places, PT practices can market directly to patients rather than waiting on referrals from physicians, which gives you a whole new customer base to tap into. But new potential also means new codes to crack. The term “direct access marketing” […]


Each quarter, Breakthrough hosts a live event featuring training sessions focused on private practice growth. Our most recent event was the “Increasing The Value Of Your Practice Virtual Summit” where we brought together the best from within the Physical Therapy Industry to address how you can find opportunities in the current market. Here’s a breakdown […]


Physical therapy marketing is more important than ever before. Between 2003 and 2014, there was a 54.5% decrease in physician referrals to Physical Therapy as reported in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Any owner who wants to grow their practice needs to look into other marketing channels. One of the easiest channels to set […]

Practice Management

From 1929 to 1939, the world endured a severe economic downturn that would later be referred to as the “Great Depression.” This economic turmoil resulted in a difficult period for most companies…but not all of them. Some brands where able to make great strides during this time. These successful companies were different sizes and came […]

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