4 Simple Steps to Guarantee Your PT Practice's Success

Guarantee Your Success In 2017 By Following These 4 Simple Steps

Do you want to know the four simple steps to guaranteeing your success in 2017?

By following this simple process you’ll be able to rapidly achieve your goals regardless of the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

But first let’s recap on everything we’ve learned so far…

In the last three posts, we’ve broken down The Definitive Guide To Making 2017 Your Best Year Ever and talked about:

I revealed the importance of writing out exactly what success looks like for you and where you want to be a year from now.

Now in this last post, we’re going to tie everything together using an easy-to-follow four step process.

Watch the video below to learn more.

The 4 Simple Steps To Creating the Private Practice of Your Dreams

1. Do it.

After you have identified the habits of other owners and what they did to start on their paths to success… apply them to your life.

Figure out how to make more time in your day and/or acknowledge the inefficiencies in your day to day processes.

2. Be efficient.

We’re looking for efficiencies wherever possible.

We’re doing more of those things that are top priority and less of those things that aren’t really top priority and are wasting our time.

The very first thing that I make sure to do – have personal communication with people that are important to my business, referral sources and past patients… long before I focus on my website or blog.

3. Track it.

If you have metrics in front of you and you’re taking a daily/weekly look at where you are metrically, you’re going to keep taking more and more successful steps towards implementing the things that are important to your practice and let those that aren’t successful go away.

4. Enjoy it.

Enjoy the incredible journey ahead of you.

You’ll find that at some points it will be challenging and confusing, but when you look back this time next year at all the progress you’ve made, you’ll find that every challenge you have been faced with will have been well worth the battle.

What if I don’t hit my goals?

Let’s say you have a crazy expansion goal and want to grow your practice by 50%… even if you don’t hit your goal — maybe you only hit 25% growth…

Well… guess what? That’s still amazing growth.

Enjoy the adventure, enjoy the process… you can always extend it.

I want to leave you with this really important question to ask yourself.

What do I need to do to have my best year ever?

Think through that and write it down. Go back through my past posts if you get hung up.

But realize how much can happen in a year and how amazing it will feel to hit the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Hope you’ve enjoyed – make sure to comment below if you have any questions.

Talk to you next week,


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