One of the most common things we hear from practice owners is challenges around retaining staff. 

And it’s no surprise. After all, 4 Million Americans quit their jobs in 2021. And 3.6% more healthcare workers walked away in 2020 than in the previous year. 

On top of the labor shortage, the industry as a whole is experiencing declining reimbursements and rising costs — making it more difficult to offer competitive salaries. As a result, many owners are losing staff to HOPTs or POPTs practices.

Practice owners who change nothing will continue to struggle…and may eventually be forced to close. Those who take a proactive approach to improving their essential business systems, including finance, personnel, and marketing, have an opportunity to not only survive — but to grow, expand, and leave a lasting impact.

In this episode, Chad does a deep dive into the 10 processes that you need to build out to develop and retain a great team. 

Listen in to learn how to develop employee scorecards, source and screen candidates, engage and incentivize employees, and retain staff. 

Whether you’re currently experiencing staffing issues or want to be proactive in building a strong team, this episode is for you. 

Chad shares practical advice and valuable insights that can make a significant difference in your practice.

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