Welcome to a special episode of the Grow Your Practice podcast, featuring insights from the Market for Profit session held last week at a live boot camp in Harrisburg, PA. Here’s what you missed if you couldn’t attend:

In this episode, we focus on:

– Filling Schedules and Utilizing Space

– Reactivating Past Patients

– Leveraging Referrals

– Expanding Service Offerings

– Building a Strong Brand and Community Presence

All of this and so much more is included in our Profitability Under Pressure course, which aims to help practice owners increase revenue, effectively use space, and improve team hiring and retention. Join us in achieving your PT practice owner goals! Extended deadline is June 7th at 11:59PM EST. Apply here: https://getbreakthrough.com/grow

00:19 Identifying Marketing Challenges in Healthcare

00:43 Maximizing Clinic Space and Efficiency

02:10 Five Pathways to Attract New Patients

05:55 Leveraging Data for Targeted Marketing

08:10 Exploring Profitable Patient Demographics

10:16 Marketing Strategies for Different Patient Groups

13:21 Targeting Specific Demographics for Higher Profit

16:11 Unlocking Patient Segmentation: Strategies for Healthcare Marketing

19:16 Maximizing Text Campaigns: Real-world Success Stories

21:03 Personalized Communication: The Key to Patient Reactivation

22:32 Exploring Multichannel Marketing: Emails, Calls, and Texts

23:48 Targeting and Understanding Your Audience for Better Engagement

28:35 Leveraging Technology and Partnerships in Healthcare

33:32 Apply to the ‘Profitability Under Pressure’ Course