In this episode, you’ll hear a recording of an Inside Circle call with special guest Danny Kerr.

Danny Kerr of Breakthrough Academy (no relation to the Breakthrough company I founded) is a leading business expert who helps business owners lead teams. He has an amazing story about how he transformed his life, but in this call he talks about situational leadership.

For most of that are clinicians, we aren’t trained in business and we have to go back and learn business and management skills. One of those critical skills is situational leadership.

Most of us as clinicians use I told you so management. The mental error we have as a manager lies in not utilizing situational leadership and meeting our staff members exactly where they are.

If we don’t understand the principles of situational leadership, we can quickly drive our practices off a cliff and get ourselves in trouble.

When I learned about this, we implemented it immediately in my practice and were able to accelerate the development of our key staff members into better managers over time.