Dr. Jason Sonners is the Founder of HBOT USA, an organization that is paving the way for hyperbaric oxygen therapy to become a well-understood and easily accessible tool for patients and providers.

He is also the author of Wellness to the Core: Be Fit, Be Nourished, Be Balanced Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Medicine and Oxygen Under Pressure: Using Hyperbaric Oxygen to Restore Health, Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Aging and Revolutionize Health Care

In this episode, Chad shares his own personal experience using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Dr. Jason Sonners explains what it is and how to implement it into your practice as a cash-based service. He also shares the latest research on the medical benefits and contraindications.

Interested in learning more? Check out these resources:

HBOT USA: www.thehbotcourse.com
Follow HBOT USA on YouTube: youtube.com/@HBOTUSA
Follow HBOT USA on Instagram: @hbotusa

You can find Dr. Sonners’ books on Amazon.

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