Have you invested in laser therapy or shockwave modalities? If you’re like most PT private practice owners, acquiring the device is only the beginning – getting patients to buy in and purchase cash-based treatment packages is a whole other ballgame.

Join Chad Madden as he teams up with Mark Callanen from Enovis during a previously-recorded live webinar to unveil powerful strategies for elevating cash-based revenue in private physical therapy practices.

Discover how integrating cash-based services can counteract dwindling insurance reimbursements and propel practice profitability to new heights.

During the live webinar, Chad and Mark delved into pivotal topics, including:

  • Introduction to Cash-Based Revenue Strategies: Learn the essentials of maximizing cash-based revenue and its transformative impact on practice growth.
  • Unveiling the Power of Cash-Based Services: Explore the significance of incorporating cash-based services amidst evolving market dynamics.
  • Strategies for Profit Maximization: Uncover operational tips and insights for seamlessly integrating technologies like light force laser and shockwave therapies into your practice.

Gain valuable insights from real-world case studies showcasing the tangible benefits of implementing these strategies, from amplified revenue streams to enhanced patient outcomes. Plus, discover practical resources to kickstart your journey towards practice prosperity.

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