How effectively are you targeting patient list with promotions? Are you looking to attract more patients while decreasing your ad spend?

Let’s find or target the segment of our past patient lists that respond to our mailings and then focus our ad spend on them.

Now this is where the Recency principle comes into play:

The first and easiest way segment your past patients is based off of how long they’ve been on the list…or how recent of a customer they are

A simple exercise is to find out people that respond to your ad and then go back and plot on a timeline and see when those people were patients.

What you should find is that the actual respondents to your promotions are typically going to be newer patients. They are more recent on the timeline.

If somebody came to you for physical therapy, let’s say it was 10 years ago, they are less likely to respond than somebody who came to you 3 months ago.

That is the Recency Principle in action. You can use that.

So we can go back and find the cut off point on our timeline for the higher responding patients. For my example, we will eliminate maybe 2,000 names.

So now you are only mailing 3,000. But these are 3,000 that are the most likely to respond…they are more targeted.

Always remember a buyer is a buyer.