In today’s episode of the Grow Your Practice Podcast, host Chad Madden interviews Gary Hauck, a lifelong friend and successful businessman, about his journey in the construction industry. Gary shares his insights into building and leading a successful company, including the importance of culture, hiring the right people, and fostering employee engagement. He also discusses pivotal moments, such as transitioning leadership, handling failures, and maintaining a work-life balance. Listen in for inspiring stories and practical advice to help grow your private practice and manage your team effectively.

Gary’s principles are integral to how we operate at Breakthrough, influencing our Profitability Under Pressure course, which has helped hundreds of private practice owners. Deadline is June 7 at 11:59PM EST. Apply here:

00:19 Meet Gary Houck: A Lifelong Connection

01:08 The Roofing Business: Success and Leadership

04:23 Company Culture and Values

07:41 Leadership Evolution and Strategic Decisions

12:42 Building Long-Term Client Relationships

16:38 Handling Failures and Learning from Mistakes

19:11 Employee Engagement and Company Culture

25:24 Lifelong Learning and Adaptability

29:10 Culture and Attitude in the Workplace

31:31 Learning from Different Industries

31:44 Early Career Experiences

34:21 Financial Health and Business Decisions

40:50 Balancing Work and Family Life

46:52 Legacy and Regrets

54:12 Advice for Young Professionals

You can find Gary at