Over here at BPTM we’ve developed something we like to call the “Killer Marketing System”.

It’s a system that’s gone through several revisions, has been iterated over time and honed to near perfection. Today it is an effective system to help get Private Practice PT Owners more patients.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew you had a SYSTEM that was guaranteed to bring you in new patients…if you followed it to the letter?

During our Bootcamps, our owners usually walk in feeling overwhelmed. We throw a lot of information at them and it can seem like too much. But one of my favorite parts is when we get through the events, owners tell me “Now everything makes sense.”

Here’s the thing about the Killer Marketing System, you have to use ALL of it. You can’t just pick and choose the shiniest object. You have to use all the different parts, in the right order, and with the right strategy, in order to get outstanding results.

So without further ado, let’s go through the Killer Marketing System.

The Killer Marketing System

The overall template goes like this:

Step #1: Lead Magnet

Step #2: Tripwire

Step #3: Core Service

Step #4: Cash Pay on the back end

Step #5: Return Path

Step #6: Referrals

If you’ve studied marketing, you’re probably nodding your head at some of these terms. However if you don’t recognize them…don’t worry. I’ll show you how we use this template to develop the Killer Marketing System.

For more visit: http://breakthroughptmarketing.com/killer-marketing-system-make-practice-explode-new-patients/