This will be the first of a 3 part series on how you as a private practice owner can successfully scale and grow your business while still providing expert care.

As a private practice owner you might be facing a thorny problem. A problem that might get you into a lot of trouble.

It’s something I had to work through, and I’ve heard from a lot of other private practice owners who are struggling with this as well.

The problem is this:

How Can I Scale My Business, or Grow My Business, But Yet Keep The Same Level of Expert Care?

Or in other words, how can I grow without having a decline in quality?

How Many Balls Can You Juggle?

Just think about how many different roles you have to take on as a private practice owner.

Let’s look at a few:

Internal Marketing (marketing to your past patient base)
External Marketing (marketing to people who’ve never heard worked with you before)
HR & Personnel
Finance & Billing
Policies & Procedures
Goal Setting & Planning
The list goes on. We’re not even including the different sub roles of being a physical therapist itself.

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