Problem: How To Attract Seniors But Not Medicare
Solution: A simple, yet effective formula that you can use in your ad to not only attract who you want to attract, but also to repel who you want to repel.

Anyways, I got this question from Practice Owner Hina Sheth asking…

“We are a cash-based practice that does not take Medicare. From the pics and posts it seems like many of the workshops that are successful are attracting seniors. Any tips to attract patients that are not Medicare?”

That’s a really good question…all of us want more patients but we also want patients that can pay us (since some of us don’t accept Medicare)

Killer Marketing member Dave Wilderman responded to Hina and said…

“Same problem with me, Hina. I did not designate an age range in my first attempt at a newspaper insert. I got 27 responses, 25 of whom were Medicare. So my next ad I just put at the top ‘If you are between the ages of 35 and 64, this workshop will specifically benefit you.’ It goes in the Sunday paper on Easter so we will see what kind of response I get.”


Dave played off of what we talked about in last week’s blog, which was how can I attract seniors…

It is the same exact principles except the facts are changed a little bit here.

Facts Can Change. Principles Always Stay The Same.