Lance Gross, Owner of GTS Physical Therapy in Arkansas, rapidly (and incredibly) scaled his practice from zero to 17 clinics in 5 years.

In this episode, Lance shares lessons learned along his practice growth journey, including how he generated a 90% growth in visits and a 70% surge in referrals and within the span of a year!

Hear about how Lance’s clinic set itself apart from the competition, through strategies such as specialization, hiring top-notch clinicians, and leveraging direct-to-consumer marketing.

The conversation also sheds light on Lance’s successful team-building strategies, emphasizing the creation of a winning team environment. As the podcast concludes, Lance addresses future challenges, particularly the intricacies of navigating declining reimbursements and rising costs.

Tune in for incredible insights on how Lance built a thriving outpatient physical therapy practice in a competitive market.


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