It’s not the first time we’ve talked here about Medicare Cuts, and it won’t be the last.

The fact is, declining Medicare payments have an impact on reimbursements across the board and should not go ignored.

This episode is a recording of a recent webinar that Mary Daulong, President of BCMS and Chad Madden co-hosted.

The episode provides a summary of what’s in the 2024 Physician Fee Schedule, including a 3.34% cut to the Medicare conversion factor.

It goes over the impact that 15 years of flat or declining reimbursement rates has had on private practices.

You’ll discover how to prepare your practice for the impact of yet another round of reimbursement cuts and learn how to create a financial plan for the year ahead.

Chad is giving away his own Financial Planning Template – the exact tool he uses to create a financial plan for his practice.

You can use this free template to get a clear picture of your revenue and costs and create a roadmap for increasing profits in 2024.

Get your copy of my free 2024 planning template here: