As of the date of this recording, there are only 61 days left in the year.

Have you started thinking about your annual practice plan? There’s one thing you need to do first before you get started. 

Most owners will never take the time to do this, and as a result, miss out on thousands of dollars in profit. 

Want to create an annual plan that results in profit? Then you need to create a Profit Plan.

In this special episode, I introduce the Free Profit Planner for forecasting profits. To see the full video and get your copy of the Profit Planner, go to

You don’t have to settle for pitiful profits. 

Practice owners like Verelle, Peg, and Jeff have used my Profit Planner to gain visibility into their finances and forecast profits. In their own words: 

“We would’ve been out of business by January…It saved my clinic.” —Verelle, Practice Owner in Ohio

“Big win->I’m getting my finances under control!!!!” —Peg, Practice Owner in Connecticut 

“It made me delve into my analytics more than I ever have.” —Jeff, Practice Owner in New York

To get my Profit Planner and watch the complete video showing you how to use it, go to

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