Feeling the pressure of declining PT reimbursements and rising costs?

Considering adding cash-based services to increase profitability and improve patient outcomes?

In this special episode, you’ll hear from a panel of practice owners who added cash-based services and successfully improved patient outcomes while increasing revenue in their practice.

You’ll discover what cash-based services are working today and learn best practices for rolling out a cash-based service in your clinic.

Guest speakers include practice owners who have implemented therapeutic lasers, electrical stimulation devices, and 3D running technology.

Jason Waz, Practice Owner of Competitive Edge Performance and Founder of NeuPTtech, grew cash revenue to $50,000/month without adding more square footage — and increased revenue by $15 a visit in the first year after adding a cash-based service.

Maggie Hammerschmidt, Practice Owner of Team Rehabilitation-Lincoln Park, was able to monetize her passion for running and help elevate others who share that passion.

Tom Loyd, Practice Owner of Bryn Mawr Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy, was able to add cash-based revenue without a lot of extra effort.

Mark Callanen, Director of Marketing and Clinical Education Recovery Sciences at Enovis reveals how cash-based products can improve patient outcomes while increasing practice revenue.

To learn more about the technologies mentioned in this episode, check out the links below.

Enovis™ Recovery Sciences: https://www.djoglobal.com/recovery

Neufit: https://www.neu.fit/

RunDNA: https://rundna.com/

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