Jason Waz is a physical therapist, private practice owner, and Founder of NeuPTtech.

In this episode, Jason shares his journey to financial freedom as a practice owner.

He talks about the challenges associated with being a business owner when you have a clinical background, and how he overcame these challenges to scale his practice.

One key that led to Jason’s success as a practice owner was discovering the Nuebie by Neufit, a device that added signficant cash revenue to his practice.

Jason talks about how the Neubie works and what lessons he learned about implementing a cash service like the Neubie in your practice.

Tune in to discover Jason’s path to financial freedom. Learn strategies to support financial stability in your practice and in your life.


Resource on Section 179 Tax Incentive: https://neupttech.com/blog/section-179-tax-incentive-helps-practice-owners-save-money

The NeuPTtech Blog: https://neupttech.com/blog

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