More Physical Therapy Patients Than Your Practice Can Handle (Part 3)
Attract More PT Patients Than Your Practice Can Handle with this Unique Spin on Workshops (Part 3)

Check out part one and part two of this series to learn the “why” behind CAWs and exactly what a Captured Audience Workshop is.

In Part 3 of today’s video, I cover three of the most important elements to a successful CAW:

  1. Who to target – Find out what businesses make the best partners for CAWs.
  2. What to say – Hear what works best when presenting to a captured audience.
  3. How to close – Get more of your audience to convert and become patients at your practice.

CAWs are a terrific way to diversify your sources for new patients. Plus, CAWs are powerful method for keeping your practice fully booked all year. For zero ad spend.

In the final video of this series, I step away from the whiteboard and share some of the gold nuggets that other practice owners who are crushing it with CAWs have shared.

And if you’re interested in even more tactics for marketing your practice direct to the public, be sure to sign up for my next physical therapy marketing masterclass.

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