Helping Private Practices Add Cash-Based Services and Boost Profitability

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Practices Increase Cash-Based Revenue With Breakthrough

Exploring new revenue streams? Looking for better ROI from technology investments? Access training and advertising campaigns to help you promote cash-based services to your patients.

Official Marketing Partner Of Enovis™ Devices

Breakthrough has partnered with Enovis™ to provide custom marketing campaigns for LightForce® and Chattanooga® devices. Invest in cutting-edge technology with confidence.

Proven Systems & Strategies

Increase profitability in your clinic by implementing data-driven systems that promote your cash-based services for you.

Done-For-You Campaigns

Schedule months of pre-written campaigns. You’ll create goodwill with your community and generate interest in your laser, shockwave, or other cash-based services.

The marketing campaigns and training you need to increase cash-based revenue.

Training & Resources

With hours of training materials, workshop guides, phone scripts, and more, you'll empower your staff to promote cash-pay services without feeling sales-y.

Cold Traffic Marketing Campaigns

Attract new patients interested in your services with data-driven, pre-written campaigns, including exclusive Enovis™ content.

Online Advertising

Don’t leave your ROI up to chance - access proven and tested online advertisements. Certified online advertising specialists will fully optimize your marketing campaigns.

Support Network

Talk with hundreds of owners who have successfully implemented cash-based services and increased demand for their existing offerings.

Reactivation Campaigns

Connect with past patients consistently and promote new services. Gain access to automated, proven email & text reactivation campaigns.

Proven Landing Pages

Proven landing pages are optimized to encourage leads to take action. They’ll seek your clinic out to solve their pain and mobility issues.

Bryn Mawr Physical Therapy

How Tom Increased Cash-Based Revenue

Tom needed to increase cash flow for his practice. He decided to invest in a LightForce® Laser and market through Breakthrough. He now receives more consistent revenue month to month.

Is it worth it? For us…absolutely. We realized this makes a difference in the quality of care that people are getting and in our cash flow. Patients buy into it because it works.
Tom Lloyd Bryn Mawr PT
Tom Lloyd
Owner, Bryn Mawr PT
Open Rate for Laser Email Campaign
New laser patients from 1 email campaign
Laser packages sold per month
Conversion rate from laser trials to package purchases