Strategies For PT Practice Growth from Chris Gordos

Strategies for Growing Your Physical Therapy Practice: Insights from Chris Gordos of IMG Physical Therapy

Growing your pt private practice with chris gordos

Chris Gordos, a PT practice owner in Central Pennsylvania, didn’t believe in marketing.

His mindset was “If you offer a good service, patients will come.” Then he lost his biggest referral source. When that happened, he knew he had to find another way of getting patients in the door.

So he tried direct-to-consumer marketing – and it worked. After being stagnant for about 10 years, his business started to grow. He soon reached his business goal of doubling patient visits. 

Recently on the Grow Your Practice Podcast, Chad Madden and Chris Gordos, a seasoned PT and owner of IMG Physical Therapy, discussed the strategies and challenges involved in growing a physical therapy practice. Chris shared valuable insights and experiences from his journey, offering practical tips and tricks for aspiring practice owners.


Embracing Change and Marketing Strategies

Adapting to change is key in PT practice ownership today: there is a distinct need for effective marketing strategies in the competitive field of physical therapy.

Following the loss of a major referral source, Chris recognized the significance of marketing directly to consumers. He joined Breakthrough and implemented their strategies, resulting in a substantial increase in business.

Partnering with local businesses, such as Fleet Feet, also enabled Chris to reach a wider audience. By conducting partner workshops at Fleet Feet, Chris not only engaged potential clients but also fostered a mutually beneficial relationship with the business.

Patient-Centric Approach and Community Engagement

By understanding the limitations of patient travel distance, Chris devised a patient-centric approach. This involved reaching out to clients in their familiar environments, such as the Fleet Feet store, effectively catering to their convenience.

Hosting workshops and offering free evaluations at Fleet Feet not only attracted new patients but also strengthened community engagement. Chris’s commitment to providing valuable services without expecting immediate returns exemplifies the significance of building trust within the community.

Financial Literacy and Student Mentorship

Recognizing the financial burden on physical therapy students, Chris took the initiative to educate them on financial matters. By conducting informal courses on financial planning, Chris helped students gain a better understanding of managing their finances post-graduation.

Chris’s involvement in mentoring students and delivering insightful financial advice highlights the importance of nurturing future PT professionals. His efforts in guiding students toward financial stability and career success prove exemplary.


Chris Gordos’s journey in growing his physical therapy practice serves as a valuable case study for aspiring practice owners. His emphasis on adapting to change, implementing effective marketing strategies, and engaging with the community showcases the pivotal role of innovation and community involvement in practice growth. Furthermore, his commitment to student mentorship and financial literacy underscores the significance of nurturing the next generation of physical therapy professionals.

By incorporating Chris’s strategies and insights, practice owners can leverage these key takeaways to enhance their business growth, foster community engagement, and contribute to the development of future physical therapy professionals.

If you want to learn more about Chris’ journey with Breakthrough, and ways you can implement the same strategies, check out this interview from a recent Breakthrough Bootcamp mastermind session

You can also schedule a strategy session with a Program Director at Breakthrough and learn what kinds of marketing strategies are right for your practice. 

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