Physical Therapy Institute

Christy Carnahan

Easier expansion by going direct to the consumer

For Christy and the team at PTI, chasing physician referrals was proving to be an ineffective use of time.

By switching to a focus on direct access patients, PTI was able to take direct control over the growth of their practice and their ability to expand and acquire new clinics.

Key Takeaways
24% Average Growth
Across 12 Clinics
250 Visits
a Week
80% of New Patients
from Direct Access

Prior to starting with Breakthrough, PTI’s clinic was seeing an average of 30 visits a week. And their marketing to physicians was requiring a lot of effort while producing few referrals.

As a result, the practice saw many peaks and valleys in their metrics. Continuing in this path meant that predictable growth would be impossible.

These days, the clinic that PTI first started with Growth X on sees an average of 250 visits a week. With 80% of those visits generated from Direct Access. Having a repeatable and scalable growth system has allowed the team at PTI to rapidly expand and acquire other clinics.