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Tom Loyd

Tom Loyd, Owner of Bryn Mawr PT, generates more cash-based revenue with Breakthrough’s done-for-you cash service campaigns.

Tom Loyd, Owner of Bryn Mawr PT, faced declining revenue and knew he needed to find a solution.

He had considered laser therapy, but it wasn't until he attended a Breakthrough event and spoke with other practice owners using it and seeing great results, that he knew it was time to pull the trigger.

Now, Bryn Mawr PT enjoys increased cash-based revenue. Breakthrough’s done-for-you email campaigns for laser therapy make it easy to attract patients willing to pay cash.

Key Takeaways
14 Laser Packages
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25 Laser Patients
From 1 Campaign
54% Open Rate
On Email Campaigns
2 out of 3 Laser Trials
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Discover how Bryn Mawr PT increased cash based physical therapy revenue by adding laser therapy and marketing it with Breakthrough’s done-for-you cash services campaigns.

Declining Revenue

Prior to adding cash-based services, Bryn Mawr PT faced declining revenue. Tom Loyd, the owner, knew they needed to find ways to generate more cash flow into the clinic.

Generating More Physical Therapy Revenue with Cash-Based Services

Tom had considered adding laser therapy to his practice as a cash-based service, but had some hesitation.

Then he went to a Breakthrough event and had the chance to talk with other owners who had implemented the technology and seen great results — both in terms of improving their quality of care and increasing revenue. 

Is it worth it? That was our first question. For us…absolutely.”

“We realized this makes a difference in the quality of care that people are getting, and in our cash flow,” said Tom. “So it’s a no-brainer. And it’s been helpful”

Attracting Patients Willing to Pay Cash

Breakthrough offers 10+ exclusive cash based physical therapy campaigns, including email and text campaigns for laser therapy. 

Bryn Mawr PT uses these campaigns to easily attract patients willing to pay cash. These done-for-you, automated campaigns help the practice stay top-of-may with past patients and inform them of the benefits of laser therapy. 

Campaigns include advertising copy and creative, landing pages, and automated follow-up sequences. The content is educational, teaching the community about health challenges like musculoskeletal or neurological issues that laser therapy could help improve.

A single email campaign Tom ran had a 54% open rate and generated 25 new laser patients.

Patients buy into it because it works. The partnership with Breakthrough and LightForce® has worked really well for us,” Tom said.