Neff PT

Dan Neff

Dan Neff, Owner of Neff PT, grew his practice and opened 2 new clinics using Breakthrough for marketing. In the first week open, his second clinic saw over 100 patient visits.

In 2018, Dan Neff’s single-location clinic in rural Pennsylvania faced diminishing physician referrals. He realized he needed to start marketing, but wasn’t having much success. Then he found Breakthrough.

With Breakthrough’s marketing support, Dan grew his practice and decided to open a second location.

In its first week open, that location saw 100 patient visits. The success opening a new physical therapy clinic gave him the confidence to open a third location.

Key Takeaways
In New Clinic's 1st Week Open
100 Patient Visits
with Breakthrough
Opened 2 New Clinics
on Advertising
677% ROI

Discover Dan Neff’s story of opening a new physical therapy clinic, growing his practice, and building a trusted reputation in his community.

Navigating a Changing Landscape

Dan Neff operates a successful physical therapy practice in rural Pennsylvania.

Up until around 2017, the single-location practice was going well. Located in Dan’s hometown, he spent $0 on marketing. He knew all the physicians and orthopods when he got started.

Then, the landscape changed. The orthopods added their own physical therapy services. The local physicians got bought out by the hospital, so no more referrals were coming in from that. 

“So now we had to get the community involved,” Dan said. “How were we going to do that? And that’s where Breakthrough solved our problem for us.”

Winning Patients through Marketing

Breakthrough worked with Dan Neff to implement digital marketing campaigns such as automated email campaigns to past patients and online advertising to targeted segments within the community. 

Dan discovered how to host educational workshops that helped to position him as a trusted resource in the community, and used digital marketing to drive attendees.

From just 2 workshops, Dan could generate 19 new patients.

He’s seen a 677% ROI on advertising campaigns, meaning that he’s more than 6X’ing his return on advertising spend. 

“I don’t have to worry about marketing now. I don’t have to worry about going out and writing ads, or writing copy. All that’s taken care of for me,” Dan said. 

Opening a New Physical Therapy Clinic

“We had been with Breakthrough for not a terribly long time, but we had been seeing the results. We decided to open the Willow Street office because it was a situation where those automated emails and the patient generation was just awesome.”

Dan decided on opening a new physical therapy clinic (his second location). Its first week, the second clinic had over 100 patient visits.

“That gave us the confidence,” said Dan, “And literally last Monday I purchased another building. I have no doubt that with what Breakthrough is going to set up for us, we’re going to have a fully subscribed schedule to start down there as well.”

Now, Neff PT operates 3 successful clinics and continues to use Breakthrough to drive patients in and grow. 

“I would definitely recommend Breakthrough,” Neff said.