Altitude Physical Therapy

Sean Weatherston

A few years ago, Sean Weatherston, Owner of Altitude Physical Therapy in Idaho, struggled with profitability and dried-up physician referrals. He’s now doubled patient visits, increased profitability, and runs a thriving practice.

A few years ago, Altitude Physical Therapy struggled with disappearing physician referrals and shrinking profits.

Breakthrough was the first physical therapy marketing solution that just made sense to Sean. And it worked.

Flash forward 3 years, and he's doubled patient visits and established a healthy profit margin.

Key Takeaways
More than Doubled Patient Visits
In 3 Years
280 Patients a Week
Up from 120 a Week
3 Practice Locations
In Idaho

Continue reading to discover how Sean Weatherston, Owner of Altitude Physical Therapy, implemented physical therapy marketing strategies and doubled patient visits within 3 years. 

Disappearing Physician Referrals, Increasing Competition, and Diminishing Profits 

A few years ago, referral sources dried up for Sean Weatherston and his practice, Altitude Physical. All the physician’s offices were bought up by the hospitals.

“We were at a pretty critical point in my business. We were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Would we have to close a clinic? Or lay off staff? Would we be able to pay ourselves?” 

Sean knew they needed to find a way to generate a steady flow of patients. They tried various marketing solutions, but nothing seemed to work. 

Finally, they came across Breakthrough. 

Applying Physical Therapy Marketing to Get More Patients

Breakthrough was the first physical therapy marketing solution that just made sense to Sean. And it worked. 

“I’d always had an inkling that direct access would be really cool,” Sean said. “But I had no clue on how to do it. Breakthrough has been instrumental in giving me that opportunity.”

Breakthrough helps you drive more patients to the clinic in three main ways:

  1. Running patient-centric online advertising campaigns 
  2. Establishing your practice as a trusted resource in the community
  3. Automating email and text campaigns for past patients

“Having Breakthrough take over the marketing, in large part just automating things so that I didn’t have to be responsible for creating websites and landing pages and defining my market and being the one to run the ads…I just didn’t have time to do it. 

Being able to turn that over to somebody who was very knowledgeable and would be able to stay on top of things with all the different trends has been invaluable.”

Helping More People in the Community

“First and foremost, I want to be able to help as many people in my area as possible,” said Sean. “The longer I’ve been in the medical field and the longer I’ve been a physical therapist, the more frustrated I get with how our medical system doesn’t serve people as well as it should and a lot of time and money and effort that’s wasted and how great of an opportunity physical therapy is to be able to help people.”

“So I’m very excited to be part of that and be able to help share that vision. I feel like Breakthrough is very much behind that vision of helping people get the best health care more quickly, more safely, more economically.”

“Having increased awareness in the community has been very helpful.”

The Impact of Physical Therapy Marketing 

When Sean was first starting out, Breakthrough helped him establish a vision and goal for his practice. At the time, the practice was seeing between 110 and 120 patients. The business goal he set was 280 patient visits a week.

Flash forward three years, and that’s exactly where he’s at. Now, Sean is ready to set a new goal. 

“It’s given me a lot of peace of mind to know that I have a trusted partner who will help bring the patients in and establish a very adamant patient base that continues to come and see us, and that spreads the word for us and has helped guarantee our continued financial profit.”

Sean confesses, “Before, if a new clinic opened up, especially if it was a hospital-based clinic or a company that had very well-established marketing, I would have been shaking in my shoes. Now, I don’t really care because I know that what we do works and that Breakthrough will help me be successful.”

“Breakthrough has helped me make up for past mistakes. And we’re at a point now where we’re really seeing some good profitability.”