Achieve Therapy and Fitness

Jeff Barta

Using the Growth X Model to Educate New Patients

Jeff and the team at Achieve Therapy and Fitness we're looking for a way to market their practice to new patients without having to reinvent the wheel.

Before joining Breakthrough, their best performing campaigns were television ads. But even those ads weren't bringing a consistent flow of new patients into the clinic.

Key Takeaways
82 Workshop Attendees
From online ads
Tangible Return
From Growth X marketing

Achieve Therapy and Fitness were seeking to grow their practice and opened new locations. And once they’d opened up some new clinics, they needed a way to make sure that the new locations had a steady flow of patients.

Achieve’s initial attempts at direct to consumer marketing were chaotic, and often felt like they had to keep reinventing the wheel every month. Plus, their television and radio ads weren’t delivering the results they had hoped for.

Ultimately, Achieve decided that the team at Breakthrough really understood the marketing needs of private practice physical therapists. They like how the Growth X model helps to educate people about the benefits of PT and convert more people into new patients.