A Patient Demand Platform is an all-in-one software solution designed to promote private practices through educational resources and direct-to-consumer marketing. Patients become aware of your practice through education. Rather than waiting for physician referrals, the goal is to put the choice in the patients’ hands for the care they want. Through reactivations and other proven marketing systems, your practice will stay top of mind when patients choose to pursue natural, non-invasive care for their pain or mobility issues.

Workshops are the best method for converting cold-market leads into new patients. Offering free educational resources helps to enrich your community, position you and your practice as the local experts with solutions to their issues, and generate goodwill. Once a lead has physically entered your practice, they are significantly more likely to be open to signing up for a new plan of care. Many clients will see an 80% conversion rate from workshop attendees to new plans of care. With Breakthrough, you’ll be able to fill new workshops every month.

Recently it’s become very popular to discount initial services in order to get leads in the door. We think this is problematic: it doesn’t promote long-term relationships or plan of care completions and can become complicated with Medicare compliance. With free workshops or other compliant offerings, you create goodwill and educate your community without devaluing your services.

Packages start at $700 per month, depending on the extent of software and marketing solutions that are right for your practice growth strategy. If you’re ready to discuss cost, we recommend signing up for a brief Strategy Call with a Program Director to learn more.

These marketing solutions are fully scalable, enabling the testing of ad campaigns across hundreds of practices. Test results that stem from millions of impressions create better results, which are then used to improve ad performance across the board. Combine this extensive testing with over 20+ years of experience in developing effective marketing campaigns for conservative care private practices, you get a winning formula for proving out marketing systems. It works, time and time again.

Check out these customer testimonials – this is a great way to see a wide variety of benchmark results. You can also check out the different use case scenarios to see how Breakthrough impacts practices depending on your own practice growth goals.

No. We are similar to advertising agencies in that we will monitor your ad campaign daily, making sure you get the best ROI for your ad spend… but we are more than an agency. You also get educational materials, training events, community connections, done-for-you email follow-up sequences, and more. While marketing agencies cost a lot of money and only A/B test advertising campaigns for your practice, with Breakthrough you’ll gain access to scalable marketing solutions that have been tested and proven across hundreds of practices nationwide.

You can access over 50+ hours of on-demand educational video modules, weekly mastermind calls, manual therapy, clinical director certifications, and other educational programs. However, we are not a school and currently do not offer CE credits (although we aim to in the future). In addition to training materials, you also gain access to a community of peers, Patient Demand software, marketing solutions, and more. 

The Patient Demand Platform is “software as a service” (SaaS), but Breakthrough is not exclusively a SaaS company. You also get over 50+ hours of on-demand educational video modules, weekly mastermind calls, manual therapy, clinical director certifications, other educational programs, two-way texting, done-for-you campaigns, and advertising automation.

Once a social media platform has been around for a certain amount of time, the algorithms are optimized only to show businesses that “pay to play.” This means investing in marketing and advertising is important. The ideal ad spend is different for every practice. We recommend clients start with approximately $1000 a month per platform to get the optimum ROI and return their ad spend quickly using proven marketing systems.