Marketing material for Physical Therapy that uses specific messaging and content to elicit a user(s) to engage with the practice. Thus focusing time, money and resources on a specific target group. EX: Rotator cuff injuries with a CTA to attend a treatments and rehab workshop.

Direct Response marketing is a style of marketing that evokes a particular and measured response from the consumer you’re advertising to. The content or ad that is shown delivers a CTA or call to action for direct interaction and a response.

Direct access marketing is advertising or marketing directly to the consumer to attract patients without a physician referral.

Physical Therapist salaries have a wide range depending on what state or country you live and practice in. Some PT’s make less than $50,000 a year and some are in the high seven figure range. This really depends on the size of the practice and business. A median range for a PT practice is between $100,000 to $300,000.

Direct access is the ability for a licensed physical therapist to see a patient and be reimbursed for the products and services rendered without a physician referral.