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Become a Breakthrough C.O.M.T. (Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist) through our Breakthrough manual therapy certification. Learn proven systematic evaluation and manual treatments that produce consistently great outcomes. Establish your clinic as the leader in pain relief in your area.

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The courses are designed for both physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.
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Lumbopelvic and Hip Complex Course 1 & 2

Focus is placed on the systematic evaluation of the spine, hip and pelvis. Significantly increase your outcomes by identifying the origin of your patient’s pain. Differential diagnosis is taught between spine vs hip vs pelvic origin of pain. Learn proven and effective spinal mobilization/manipulation techniques to treat dysfunctions that span the vast majority of cases seen in the clinic . A hands-on lab format is provided to change patient's pain the first visit, from severe acute neurological symptoms to patient's who have been experiencing pain for years with no relief.

Suggested 20 CEU/Contact Hours

Cervicothoracic and Shoulder Complex Manual Course 1 & 2

Differential diagnosis of cervical vs thoracic vs GHJ evaluation is provided to understand where your patient’s pain is originating from. Learn a systematic approach to mobilizing/manipulating the cervicothoracic spine as well as the GHJ, ACJ and SCJ. Learn how difficult cases such as adhesive capsulitis and neurological radicular symptoms are differentially diagnosed and then effectively treated with spinal mobilization/manipulation. A hands-on lab format is provided to change patient's pain the first visit, from severe acute neurological symptoms to patients who have been experiencing pain or headaches for years with no relief.

Suggested 19 CEU/Contact Hours

Joint Mobilization for the Upper Extremity & Lower Extremity Course 1 & 2

The Extremity Course continues to build off of the Breakthrough Treatment Approach (BTA) learned in the LP-1, LP-2, CT-1 and CT-2 courses. Attendees will learn joint based mobilization techniques to consistently heal conditions including: Adhesive Capsulitis; Lateral Epicondylitis; Meniscal Lesions; Carpal Tunnel; Cervical/Lumbar Radiculopathy; Plantar Fasciitis; Chronic edema in distal joints as well as many other conditions commonly seen in the clinic. As always, the BTA course approach will identify the origin of the patients pain and provide you with a hands-on manual technique to immediately change your patients pain.

Suggested 20 CEU/Contact Hours


Advanced Spine Course 1 & 2

The Advanced Spine course is an advanced technique course that teaches participants high level Grade V HVLAT mobilizations. It builds off prior manual therapy foundational courses to take therapists skill sets to the next level. The Advanced courses focus on treating the most challenging patients. Participants will learn techniques for patients whose remaining 1 to 2 pain level you can not seem to resolve. The courses will focus on specific patient scenarios that therapists often struggle with in the clinic and the higher-level techniques needed to resolve their pain.

Suggested 20 CEU/Contact Hours


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  • Manual hands-on skill building is the focus of this clinically tested system to identify and treat the origin of your patient’s pain.
  • Spinal mobilization/manipulation skills are taught in a small group atmosphere so that one to one instruction and learning are assured
  • The Restriction Based Approach (RBA) has a proven clinical record of providing the highest quality outcomes.