Online Advertising

Increase Visits with Proven Advertising Strategies

Attract new patients with online advertising campaigns, optimized daily. Maximize the return on your advertising dollars with done-for-you campaigns built on years of data and optimization.

Improve Your Payer Mix By Attracting The Right Patient

Tired of wasting money on low-quality leads? Our proven direct response and patient-centric marketing formula combines the best of what’s worked for thousands of practices. Attract high-quality leads that become patients.

129m Annual Ad Impressions
Annual Ad Impressions
$2.44m Annual Ad Spend
Annual Ad Spend
78k Annual New Patient Opportunities
Annual New Patient Opportunities

Direct To Consumer Ads

Increase Demand For Your Practice

Tap into Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube to reach more people in your community. Get done-for-you ads that leverage proven direct response marketing and patient-centric messaging. Watch as your practice becomes the #1 destination for conservative care in your area.
  • Automated, done-for-you online advertising that have been optimized across thousands of campaigns for the best results.
  • Rest assured your campaigns will run smoothly with 100% HIPAA compliant, media-approved ads.
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Direct To Consumer Ads
Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Professional Landing Pages Optimized for Conversion

Get optimized landing pages that provide the best first impression and convert more leads into new patients. Just like your online ads, your landing pages are built around patient-centric messaging that highlight your solution to a specific condition.
  • No designers, developers, or copywriters needed. Get up and running, generating new patient leads quickly.
  • Fully A/B tested landing pages that deliver the best results for your practice.
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Marketing Campaigns

Patient-Centric Campaigns That Position You As The Expert

Fill your clinicians' schedules as quickly as possible with high-performing, templated campaigns. Our campaigns meet your ideal patients where they are — delivering the right message at the right time to your ideal patient profile.
  • Get results quickly with pre-built & optimized patient-centric marketing campaigns.
  • Become known in your area as the go-to clinic for your specialty.
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Marketing Campaigns
The fact that we don’t ebb and flow…we don’t really have those slow times. That’s been a weight off of my shoulders.
Dan Neff
Neff Physical Therapy
Within 1 year’s time, the offer we received was doubled because of our marketing efforts that we learned.
Cathy & Joe Scarpitto
ProCare Physical Therapy

Features & Benefits

The Tools You Need
To Attract More Patients

Facebook, Google & YouTube Ad Management
A team of digital marketing experts creates your ad campaigns and manages them daily. Over $2 million managed annually with an average 427% ROI.
Done-For-You Landing Pages
Get professionally designed landing pages that are optimized to generate high-quality patient leads.
Patient Centric Messaging
Pre-written content that resonates with your target audience to drive demand and generate conversions.
In-Person & Virtual Workshops
Access the training, infrastructure and materials you need to host virtual or in-person workshops that produce loyal patients.
Condition-Focused Campaigns
Target the people who would benefit most from your services by highlighting your solutions to specific conditions. Become known as a local expert on the conditions you treat.
Successful Promotions
Choose from our top performing promotional campaigns to increase visits at an existing clinic or accelerate growth for a new location.