Grow Your
Practice Podcast

Each Friday, the Grow Your Practice Podcast with Chad Madden brings you no-nonsense marketing & practice growth strategies that deliver new patients and higher profits.

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Grow Your Practice Podcast

Latest Episodes

July 15, 2022

Chad shares 4 ways to grow your practice and actually thrive, despite inflation and a looming recession.

29 min
July 1, 2022

Get a few quick wins that can be implemented right away to help you stay competitive in a challenging economy.

54 min
June 24, 2022

Dr. Kevin Christie, the Evidence-Informed Sports Chiropractor, on: Preventing practice overwhelm, modern chiropractic marketing & mastery, positive margins, and practice longevity.

39 min
June 17, 2022

Earlier this year, Chad sold a portion of his practice. Learn how he prepared for a sell and what tools he used to align his…

1 hr 5 min