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Each Friday, the Grow Your Practice Podcast with Chad Madden brings you no-nonsense marketing & practice growth strategies that deliver new patients and higher profits.

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Grow Your Practice Podcast

Latest Episodes

May 5, 2023

Discover how establishing and targeting your ideal patient profile helps you to increase revenue per patient.

1 hr 1 min
April 28, 2023

Jeff Langmaid returns to the Grow Your Practice podcast and breaks down top business strategies to improve profit margins.

49 min
April 21, 2023

Ryan Payne, Wealth Advisor, on Systematic Wealth Building for Healthcare Entrepreneurs, Common Pitfalls in Financial Planning and Achieving Financial Independence.

37 min
April 14, 2023

Matthew discusses trends and opportunities in private practice PT and shares how to set up a direct-to-employers program.

48 min