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Each Friday, the Grow Your Practice Podcast with Chad Madden brings you no-nonsense marketing & practice growth strategies that deliver new patients and higher profits.

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Grow Your Practice Podcast

Latest Episodes

September 15, 2023

Learn a foundational marketing concept you can use to develop your Q4 marketing campaigns and keep your team operating at capacity throughout the winter months.

24 mins
September 9, 2023

Nick Patel, the National Director of Clinical Services for USPH and Executive Director of APTQI, sheds light on the looming 2024 Medicare Cuts that have…

17 min
August 25, 2023

Discover 10 processes for hiring, incentivizing, and retaining a great team.

18 min
August 18, 2023

Include Health Founder reveals how technology can enhance the connection between clinician and patient in between visits to improve patient outcomes.

24 min