Lisa Altamirano, owner of Agile Physical Therapy in Birmingham, Alabama, specializes in dance medicine, sports medicine, and orthopedics. She praises Breakthrough for its software that helped reactivate patients and improve outreach, enhancing their 17-year-old practice. Lisa values the camaraderie and collaboration with other practice owners and physical therapy professionals, finding innovative solutions and networking with vendors. She encourages those on the fence to attend Breakthrough events, highlighting the valuable insights and connections that can significantly impact their practice.

Matthew Beck from Bluffs Physical Therapy in Seward, Nebraska, shares his experience with Breakthrough. Specializing in outpatient orthopedics, he emphasizes the importance of keeping an open mind and engaging with different vendors. Breakthrough has helped them implement business strategies more effectively and organized, improving their understanding of business operations. By incorporating tools and ideas from vendors like Sarah Health and Chattanooga, they’ve enhanced patient treatment and overall clinic performance.

Tom Loyd, co-owner of Bryn Mawr Physical Therapy near Philadelphia, shares how Breakthrough significantly impacted their practice. Despite the timing of their sign-up coinciding with the pandemic, Breakthrough’s strategies helped sustain and grow their practice, achieving 20% annual growth and doubling in size over four years. The greatest benefit was the investment in leadership training and business development, which helped establish core processes and involve the team. Tom highly recommends Breakthrough for practice owners aiming for effective and sustainable growth.

Stacey Hicks, a physical therapist at Carlisle Place Physical and Occupational Therapy in Jefferson, New Hampshire, shares her experience with Breakthrough. Operating in a rural area with several large hospitals nearby, she found marketing directly to consumers challenging. Breakthrough helped overcome this barrier by attracting clients to their clinic, where they have a high conversion rate. Their workshops are particularly successful, consistently drawing 27 to 35 attendees and resulting in a strong conversion rate for screenings, significantly benefiting their practice.

Erin Langmaid, from Carlisle Place Physical and Occupational Therapy in Northern New Hampshire, handles their marketing and shares her positive experience with Breakthrough. She finds the events eye-opening, realizing that other practices face similar challenges. Erin’s boss had been following Chad’s work for years and decided to join Breakthrough recently, leading to significant positive changes in just a few months. She highly recommends Breakthrough for its impact on improving practice operations and reaching more people.

Dr. Guy DiTommaso and his son, Guy Jr., from Chiro Guys Chiropractic in Richmond, Virginia, highlight their positive experience with Breakthrough. They emphasize the program’s effectiveness in helping new practices generate and track patients, which is essential for their recently established clinic. They appreciate the detailed tracking and analysis of patient interactions, which help improve their strategies. Their workshops, although initially small in attendance, yielded high conversion rates and significantly boosted team morale, making Breakthrough an instrumental part of their practice’s growth and community integration.

Lee Easley from Knox Physical Therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee, shares his experience with Breakthrough. He values the camaraderie with other clinic owners and the valuable insights gained from late-night discussions. Initially hesitant about the upfront costs, Lee found that effective marketing strategies recommended by Breakthrough yielded significant returns, turning a $400 investment into $4,000 of new patients and later a $4,000 investment into $40,000. He emphasizes that while the decision to invest can be daunting, the results can be transformative and confidence-boosting for the practice.

Katie Koren, the clinic director, and Kingsley Scott, the office manager at Knox Physical Therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee, share their positive experiences with Breakthrough. They appreciate the fun and supportive environment, making the investment of time worthwhile. Katie highlights the significant benefit of Prediction Health for dictation and notes, while both value the opportunity to meet new people and have a network for support. Kingsley also mentions learning effective tricks for their practice, making the Breakthrough experience valuable and enjoyable.

Dave Bender, a partner at Peake Physical Therapy in Maryland, shares how Breakthrough revitalized their practice. Initially recommended by a peer, Breakthrough helped resuscitate a struggling clinic and has since become their strongest location. Dave appreciates the dual approach of online education and live events, particularly the profitability training. By conducting revenue audits and improving systems, they increased revenue per patient. Breakthrough also helped create a sustainable and healthy work environment, boosting morale and community engagement. Dave highly values the practical solutions and financial advice provided, making Breakthrough an invaluable resource for their practice.

Joy Subibi, the office manager at Roadside Physical Therapy in Queens, New York, praises Breakthrough for its significant impact on their clinic. She handles the front desk and finds Breakthrough’s support essential, answering many questions and adapting to changes over the past two years. Joy plans to implement new strategies and encourages other clinics to involve their office managers in Breakthrough’s programs. She highlights the positive changes and the valuable knowledge gained, which have greatly benefited their practice.