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What They Don’t Teach You About Money in PT School…

Alright, Im really struggling to write about this

Not for lack of material and experience (and hopefully a dash of wisdom) to contribute

But more for the perception that talk about money is so TABOO.

What other item or tool can you think of that has this much power?

A Lack of Money can cause:

  • Divorce
  • Illness
  • Depression
  • Theft
  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • and evenSuicide

Whereas an abundance of money can be a very good thingmore on the good stuff in a moment

But first, why do so many people struggle with money?

Or at least the handling and managing of it?

Money Rules they don't teach you in PT School

The Money Problem

I can remember in high school becoming acutely aware of how many adults struggled with the Money Problem

Whats the Money Problem?

Its not having enough money to pay for their kidscollege

Or their kidsactivities

Or still carrying student debt more than 10 years after graduating college

Or not being able to check off items on their bucket listlike going to Disney or driving across the US in an RV with their family

Or carrying too much revolving credit debt and living pay check to pay check

Or not being able to buy a reliable vehicleand worrying about how much the payments will be when they do get a new car

Or having enough money left over for investments

Most people struggle with the Money Problemand either fail to reach a real solutionor compromise on their dreams and desiresand just settle

Hey, thats what everyone else does

In fact, its estimated that 95% of people never solve the Money Problem.

So about the time I was 18, I started looking for answers

A Wow Moment That Changed Me

On the eve of leaving for college… I went to visit a friend and wish her well as we were headed to different colleges

When I walked inthere was a check written for one year full tuition and board


A personal check for the full amount.

The possibility that someone could do that was unreal to me

What type of person had $25K sitting in their checking account to knock a full year of college expenses?

.so I started searching

A New Reality After Stumbling On A Book…

I stumbled on a book in my Freshman year at College called, The Millionaire Next Door”…(published in 1996so Im dating myself here)

And once I started reading itcould not put it down.

See I wasnt interested in what the rest of the world was doing.getting a nice, safe secure job, investing in mutual funds and retiring one day

I wanted to do something different

And be like the 5%

Or better yet, maybe even the 1%.

So what do the 1% do?

Thats what The Millionaire Next Door was all about

images (2)

So What Does The 5% Understand That The Rest Don’t?

And so it did change for me… I discovered a different reality for people who solved the Money Problem

  1. They understood the rules of the gamehow money worked.  (Ive found most are very willing to teach it to the right peoplethey just are usually cautious and protective and have had negative experiences by people who never solve the Money Problem AND are threatened by otherssuccesses).
  2. They think about money in a different way than the 95%
  3. They use a different language to talk about money.

An Overnight Success 20 Years in the Making

And ultimately, I did learn the rulesI did come to view money much differently than how I thought about it growing upAND I learned the language of people who solved the Money Problem

And just last weekI was able to write one check and give a maximum contribution to each of my childrens 529 College Savings Plans

(I have 5 kids)

So thats 5 x $28,000$140,000.

One check.

This was a big win for me

One that 20 years to come to fruition

But pretty cool none-the-less

And to Celebrate being able to do that

Im starting a New Course:

What They Dont Teach Us About Money in PT School”…

In it Ill share how I solved the Money Problem

And how others have done it before me

And how others are doing it now.

This isnt for everybody

And if its not real to you that people solve the money problemthen Im going to ask you to stop reading here.

If youre looking to solve the Money Problem for yourself so you can:

  • Pay for your childrens education, private schooling and activities without worrying about money
  • Pay off your student loans
  • Pay cash for your dream family experiences in Disney, or Hawaii, or Europeor take that RV cross country
  • Get out of credit debt and never look back
  • Buy the vehicle you want to buynot settle for the one with payments you can afford
  • and have money left over for investments

Im willing to share what Ive done.

Why Would I Share?

If youre looking to solve the Money Problemheres what to do next:

Send me an email at [email protected]

In the subject line write: Free Money Course Video”…

And Ill send you the Introduction to the What They Dont Teach Us About Money Course in PT School…”

In this, Ill share with you the #1 Mistake 95% of people make when they think about moneyand how you can correct it

Email me at [email protected] and Ill send you the video.



PS- All of my other Physical Therapy courses and trainings have strictly been for Private Practice PT Owners and PTsthis one is open to anyone working in Healthcareits the first and likely only one where Ill offer it to more than just Private Practice PTs.

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