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PT Growth Case Study – Solo Practice Sees 44% Increase in New Patient Visits

Betty is a great example of a Minor League PT owner who’s on her way to the Major Leagues and beyond!

The challenges you face as a startup practice are much different than those of a more established owner. Taking consistent action is the key to growing your practice to the the level you desire, but don’t neglect your mindset either.

Both are vital at this stage to keep things moving in the right direction.

Another great resource for a growing practice? A community that offers support and accountability as you make these changes and begin to face new challenges.

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Betty:              I've been a practicing physical therapist for going on 33 years. I was employed by other people for the first 25 years of that, and just happened to get into my own practice. Wasn't really my plan, it was just in response to some things that were happening. So, that's really the background, because I didn't have any business background, didn't really know what I was doing. I subleased a room from a multidisciplinary chiropractor for seven years. And I was just gradually increasing, but not really progressing and not really being independent owner. I mean, I owned it, but I wasn't really managing stuff.
Betty:              So then I went out on my own, my own place. That'll be two years at the end of this month. And the last two years has been a huge struggle. I think I was seeing 25 to 30 patients a week when I left, and really had to take out loans to pay my staff that was helping me. And so was looking around, had seen Chad on Facebook and his advertisements for probably a year, and I finally responded. Then I joined BBTM Killer Marketing six, seven months ago.
Speaker 2:          What was that feeling like when you joined? What were you hoping to get out of that relationship?
Betty:              I was hoping to figure out what I was doing and how to do it correctly. I was just kind of falling from one day to the next, not really knowing how to run a business, and just not really knowing why I got the referrals I got. So I was looking forward to knowing why I got referrals and being a little more in charge of that.
Betty:              Probably 35 to 40, 45 at the top.
Betty:              When I first joined, one of the things I liked is just the monthly assignments. I'm a pretty task oriented person, and it just broke it down and didn't make it seem overwhelming. Because when I look at just being a successful therapist, I feel like I didn't have any idea how to be a successful business owner. But when I just had one task a month, like start green-ink letters, and just got them from the printer and started it, it was just a success. And then write the newsletter, and the coaching along the way with the calls. It's just very encouraging to know people are in the same situation and also just to get encouragement. And for me, the small steps have been really helpful.
Betty:              Now I'm at 60 to 65 patients scheduled a week.
Betty:              You know when you're writing green-ink letters or you're sending out a newsletter, you hear, "Oh, loved your newsletter," but you don't hear, "Hey, Mary sent me because she read your newsletter and it reminded me of you. So she referred me. I'm her friend." You don't hear those kinds of things, so I can't really speak to this is what's doing it. I just think it's tightening up that whole funnel. It's just all of it.
Betty:              Scared to hire someone, just because of the financial commitment. But I feel like I need to go there and explore that so that I can get my hands on the business more and expand. There's no other way to expand if I don't hire someone.
Betty:              Because I'm doing everything. I mean I'm treating all the patients, I'm treating a full load. I'm treating the 60 to 65 a week myself. And then I'm writing newsletters on top of it. I'm doing, of course, the green-ink letters. So I'm just managing everything. So I need to...
Betty:              I see myself, minus the self limiting beliefs I have to work through. I see myself hiring a PT and possibly expanding into the space next to me that's open.
Betty:              I would like to have one or two PTs, a PTA, expand my practice. And I would really like to work myself three days a week, so I have time to be with my new grand baby.
Betty:              I'm pretty active in the community. I'm a member and ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce in my city too. So they're very responsive to what I'm doing. And my patients love the newsletters. Even before I started this, I have a very warm relationship with my patients. They've always felt kind of like part of a family, and that's very important to me in my treatment. I know that's what helps them to refer their friends and family to me.
Betty:              Well, I just think I'd feel balanced. I feel so heavy on the work and not balanced out with family. So I would feel fantastic. I mean, right now it seems like I can't really reach that. But that's back to a self limiting belief. But I would love in a year to be sitting here and saying I've got two PTs working under me. I've got a PTA. We acquired a little more square footage. And I'm able to be with my kids and grandkids more. That's my goal.

Accountability, consistency, and a proven Physical Therapy marketing strategy were the key ingredients to this PT practice owner’s success story. Visit to get started building your roadmap to similar results.


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