Attract as Many PT Patients as Your Practice Can Handle with Workshops

Attract as Many Physical Therapy Patients as Your Practice Can Handle with this Unique Spin on Workshops – Part 1

Chances are you’ve tried or at least heard of other owners using workshops to attract new patients.
Well, some of the owners in the Breakthrough PT Marketing Nation have started using a unique spin on workshops that is delivering phenomenal results.
Watch the video above to learn more about these Captured Audiences Workshops (CAWs) and how they can help you take control over your new patient flow.
This video is fairly broad as I cover the “why” behind CAWs and how we started implementing them at Madden PT. Make sure you stay tuned for the next videos in this series where I cover the big idea behind CAWs and how they can help you attract more new patients without having to rely on physician referrals.
– Chad
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