Today are going to talk about automation. It is a huge buzzword within private practice physical therapy right now and I think that there are some misunderstandings about it and exactly what it can do for us as private practice owners.

Quick question, how would you like it if you had 250 people email you and say, “I’m in pain right now.”

It would be pretty remarkable, right? That would be a lot of conversations to have.

Even if you converted 1 out of every 50, you would at least have 5 patients on your schedule right now just by responding to them and having a positive conversation about what is going on for them.

A lot of the times when we are thinking about automation, Facebook marketing, or email marketing, there is this misconception that the software or the program is going to do everything for us.

I’m here to tell you that that is dead wrong.

Automation simply starts the conversation. However, it is really up to us to put the work in to close those leads:

To have an engaging conversation with those potential patients
Convert them over to our physical therapy services
Convert them to our physical therapy products as well.