In this episode, I sat down with David Strait of E-Rehab to discuss the evolution of physical therapy marketing.

We explore the importance of a good website and online presence, the role of video, and future trends in the industry.

In this episode, I cover the 7 braindead simple steps for preventing no-shows, last-minute cancellations, and drop-offs. 

Patient no-shows and cancellations is one of the most common profit leaks we see. 

At the end of this episode, you’re going to know how to stop throwing your marketing dollars down the toilet and get a better ROI so you can increase profits and improve patient outcomes.

You’ll be able to develop a clear plan you can implement immediately. 


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Is your marketing working for your practice?

In this episode, you’ll discover my 5 best-performing channels for getting new patients.

Gain an understanding of the shifting landscape of physician referrals, and why diversifying your channels for getting new patients is critical to ensure business stability and growth.

Learn how I track and attribute new patients to marketing sources in my practice, and make informed decisions about where to continue to invest marketing spend.


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Why does the healthcare system undervalue PT?

In this episode, I grapple with the reasons why insurance companies, healthcare systems, and politicians may not prioritize conservative care, specifically physically therapy, despite the evidence that it works and it’s cost-effective.

Your practice is likely impacted by the realities of our current healthcare system on a daly basis. You’ve likely experienced the challenge of growing a practice when you’re competing with larger healthcare entities.

In this episode, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the influence of politics and economics on healthcare decisions and the conflict between conservative care approaches and established profit-driven treatment pathways.

I’ll share my perspective on how we can go from fighting for survival to actually adapting and thriving independently, leveraging insights from successful peers.

Discover ideas for how to come out on top in a challenging environment so you can continue providing quality care to people in your community.


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How much should you spend on marketing?

This is a question I get asked all the time.

When profits shrink, marketing is often one of the first line items in the budget to go.

This is a mistake. When done correctly, marketing is a signficant revenue-driver. When you cut back on marketing costs, revenue (and profit) declines along with it.

I talk through the 5 marketing channels that work best in my practice.

Plus, I share my 5 favorite business books that I recommend to practice owners.


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In a world of skyrocketing inflation and declining reimbursements, practice owners are faced with two options:

  1. Stick to the status quo and see profits decline or
  2. Innovate and see profits grow.

Marketing can no longer be considered optional. To ensure success in this environment, data-backed marketing is a necessity.

That’s why I’m giving away my 2024 marketing calendar template.

This is the exact tool I use across my 7 practices.

Tune in to get:

  • A 12-month marketing calendar template that saves hours of time
  • The 4 marketing channels for new patients — that have proven successful for hundreds of owners
  • Clear next steps for generating consistent patient visits year-round


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John Twomey, Owner of PRO Therapy in Lake Havasu City, Arizona shares insights on hiring, business growth, and the evolution of direct access.

Discover the hiring and marketing methods that have helped John adapt to changes in the market, including the labor shortage and declining physician referrals.

Learn about John’s experience transitioning away from physician referrals to marketing directly to patients and people in the community. Hear the key learnings, setbacks, and successes along his journey. 

John reveals the one strategy that helps his practice generate consistent patient flow year-round, even during the traditional slow season. Learn why it has become his most crucial and successful tool for community engagement and clinic promotion. 


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It’s not the first time we’ve talked here about Medicare Cuts, and it won’t be the last.

The fact is, declining Medicare payments have an impact on reimbursements across the board and should not go ignored.

This episode is a recording of a recent webinar that Mary Daulong, President of BCMS and Chad Madden co-hosted.

The episode provides a summary of what’s in the 2024 Physician Fee Schedule, including a 3.34% cut to the Medicare conversion factor.

It goes over the impact that 15 years of flat or declining reimbursement rates has had on private practices.

You’ll discover how to prepare your practice for the impact of yet another round of reimbursement cuts and learn how to create a financial plan for the year ahead.

Chad is giving away his own Financial Planning Template – the exact tool he uses to create a financial plan for his practice.

You can use this free template to get a clear picture of your revenue and costs and create a roadmap for increasing profits in 2024.

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Cheryl Abelow and Lauren Abelow are Private Practice Owners of FlexPlus PT in Massachusetts.

In this episode, Cheryl and Lauren share their insights into how private practice physical therapy has changed since Cheryl started the practice 19 years ago.

Cheryl, a second-career physical therapist, recounts her transition from the corporate world to the healthcare industry, to opening her own practice nearly 20 years ago.

Lauren reflects on her unexpected journey into the family business.

Together, they discuss their experiences in hiring, direct access, marketing, and navigating the changing landscape of private practice.

Join us as we dive into their story and discover the valuable insights they’ve gained along the way.

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It’s that time of year! Have you completed an annual plan for your practice in 2024?

If not, tune in to this episode to gain insights on the purpose of planning and why it’s so important to make time for it.

This episode includes insights on how to develop a vision for your practice, core values, growth projections, and quarterly priorities.

From setting long-term growth goals to identifying quick wins you can capitalize on in January, this episode offers a comprehensive exploration of how you can create a plan to achieve your practice goals in the year ahead.

This episode is an older recording, but the issues discussed are super relevant right now.

For more recent content on this topic, be sure to check out the episode released on December 15 (How I’m Creating My 2024 Annual Plan).

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