Focus On Your Physical Therapy Practice Values, Not the Competition

Focus on Values, Not the Competition

A competing PT practice just moved in down the street from Madden PT.

There was a point in time where this would bother me tremendously.

But surprisingly, I’m not worried about the competition.

This video will explain how I reached this point in my practice, and how you can, too.

The key thing is to start thinking proactively instead of reactively.

Over the years, my staff and I have put in the work and implemented the necessary systems to make nearby competition irrelevant.

And if you’ve heard my stories about people flying into Harrisburg (a location that is decidedly NOT a tourist destination) just to visit Madden PT, then you know that even these systems help distinguish us from even not-so nearby practices.

You can do this, too. Any private PT practice owner who provides quality care AND is willing to implement proven marketing techniques can.

For example…

Would You Like to Eliminate Slow Seasons At Your Practice?
Here’s How…

Have you ever heard of the GPE?

If not, you aren’t alone. Most practice owners don’t have this amazing marketing tool in their arsenal.

GPE stands for Greatest Promotion Ever and it’s my go-to method for keeping Madden PT oversubscribed during parts of the year that slow for most practices.

I’m guessing you already know which months contain your slow seasons, and I bet you’ve got one coming up soon. The GPE is an effective, affordable way to be proactive about keeping your practice full this time of year.

The results speak for themselves.

Normally, you have to be a BPTM member to learn the details of the GPE.

But you can actually learn all about it at the next BPTM Summit.

The first day of the event features an in-depth session called “Eliminate All Your Slow Seasons in 2019” where we’ll show you exactly what to do to generate a huge influx of patients in one quick and easy campaign.

And that’s just ONE session.

Friday alone features training’s on how to generate raving reviews from patients and even a session on Magnetic Email Marketing.

Four New Patients in 15 Minutes with the Single Question Email

How would you like the power to get 4 new patients at the push of a button?

That’s the kind of breakthrough that can and HAS happened at Bootcamp.

Last July, we held Bootcamp in New Jersey, and my business partner Carl did a presentation on email marketing for PTs.

Jonathon, a BPTM member, was sitting in the audience and used Carl’s advice to send out a single question email (SQE – as you can see we are fond of our acronyms) to his list.

The results?

4 New Patients, a Half Dozen Reactivations, and 2 Screens!

Here’s the deal…

I’m not worried about the competition.

I’m worried about our industry.

Private practice is in a sorry state.

$3.3 TRILLION is spent on health care every year in the U.S., and demographics and retail-ization of it guarantees that spend climbs. But how much of that is spent on PT? 72% of the money goes to surgery, hospital stays, injections and medications. The total for conservative care including outpatient orthopedics is 2%. PT is a sliver of that.

Now, it’s very clear to me that something has to change.

But do you think anybody at the top of the money pyramid is worrying about your share? Do you think anybody at the top of the pyramid is trying to figure out how to maximize the value of your practice? How to increase the number of people you can impact?

No, that change isn’t going to happen at the top. It’s up to us as private practice PTs to do what we can to fix the system and help more people in pain get back to normal naturally.

That’s one of my main motivations for hosting Bootcamp. It’s a chance for PTs to work together to improve not only our own practices, but the state of PT as a whole.

That’s also why I try my best to make Bootcamp ultra-affordable.

How affordable?

Well, right now tickets are only $100.

That’s it.

For the entire 3-day event. $100 is all you’ll pay if you sign up before Nov. 30th.

But here’s the weird thing…

Most owners don’t take me up on this offer.

Most owners aren’t willing to invest the time in order to improve their skills and get to the next level at their practice.

So, my challenge to you is – come to Bootcamp.

If you’re on this page, reading this article, watching my videos, then it’s clear you’re trying to reach that next level.

So why not work with me and the team in-person to figure out exactly how to get there? We won’t be holding anything back, so make sure you’re there and ready to make 2019 your best year ever.

We’ve got some really fantastic stuff planned for Orlando. Check out the full agenda here.

Then click here and get your ticket!

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