Growing a $100 Million Empire with 400 Employees | Breakthrough

Growing a $100 Million Empire with 400 Employees | Breakthrough

Growing a $100 Million Empire & Hiring 400 Employees with Gary Houck

Gary Houck began as a bricklayer, starting with minimal resources but abundant determination. Under his leadership, his company evolved from a modest roofing business to a diversified enterprise, creating a $100 million empire and employing around 400 people. This incredible growth not only attests to Gary’s sharp business acumen but also to his leadership style, which deeply values empowering his team and fostering a strong company culture. This week’s episode of the Grow Your Practice podcast explores the ups and downs of his career.

Key Takeaways

  • Leadership and Succession: Knowing when to step aside and how to choose the right successor is crucial. Interestingly, Gary’s selection of a leader with no prior construction experience—yet exceptional leadership skills—highlights the significance of aligning values over specific industry knowledge.
  • Culture Over Strategy: For Gary, nurturing company culture is paramount. Consequently, he prioritizes hiring for cultural fit and leadership potential over mere industry expertise.

Innovative Business Strategies and Community Impact

Gary’s approach extends beyond typical business metrics; he integrates the human element into all operations. His strategies for business growth, employee engagement, and community involvement are intertwined with his personal values, emphasizing honor, humility, and humor.

Strategic Decisions

  • Employee Engagement: Gary treats employees as partners, reinforcing that no one “works for” but rather “with” him. This philosophy has cultivated a loyal and productive workforce.
  • Community and Client Relations: Moreover, from handwritten notes to personal birthday calls, Gary’s personal touch has strengthened lasting relationships, boosting client and community engagement.


Looking ahead, Gary focuses not just on business continuity but also on leaving a lasting legacy that reflects his values. He shares insights on leadership, succession planning, and community service as a blueprint for maintaining a business true to its principles while adapting to future challenges.


  • Maintaining Core Values: As Gary plans for the future, his dedication to the company’s core values—honor, humility, and health—is vital. He envisions these values guiding the company long beyond his time.

That’s Not All…

Gary Houck’s journey is not only a masterclass in leadership, culture, and business ethics but also provides relevant insights for any practice owner aiming for sustainable growth. His $100 million empire didn’t come from luck! This former bricklayer turned business magnate has lessons that are valuable for any owner. His story underscores that true success is built on respect for people—employees, clients, and the community.

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