1 Trick to Boost Your Physical Threapy Workshop Attendance by 23%

One Simple Trick to Boost Your PT Workshop Attendance by 23%

Do you want more Physical Therapy patients at your clinic with less effort?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

There are many things that can be done to boost PT workshop attendance, but, as the blog title hinted, we are going to take a couple secret doors on this journey.

It’s true… one little change brought a 23% increase in our PT workshop patient attendance for one of the owners that I work with.

Many other owners have seen similar, or even better results, but I want to get down into the nitty gritty of what Chip actually did to achieve these incredible results.

It’s really quite simple. Three words.

PT Workshop. Automation.

Watch the video below if you’d like to see the full detail.

So, let’s start of by going over some simple metrics from three PT workshops that Chip held consecutively.

In his first two workshops, Chip averaged 35% attendance. So, how did Chip suddenly bump his attendance rate up to 58%?

What special knowledge did he gain?

The pt marketing strategies that I’m going to share with you in this blog are nothing new… but implementing them it is really, really smart.

This is something that we typically wouldn’t think of when we are talking about Physical Therapy workshops….

Before We Get Too Far Ahead Of Ourselves…

Direct Access Marketing Tips from Chad Madden and Breakthrough PT Marketing

Really quickly, if you don’t know anything about hosting your own Physical Therapy workshops, you can check it all out in Killer Marketing Secrets, where we talk about this specifically. This is a free book that can help get started in the right direction, if you don’t already have a copy.

If you haven’t already started doing workshops, you’ll want to start with this book to help you better relate to Chip’s story. (And to get these results yourself.)

Anyway, back to the story…

Product X

Automated Direct Access Marketing with Product X from Breakthrough PT Marketing

Chip and I are working on a project called Product X.

If you are not in Breakthrough PT Marketing, you are not going to know exactly what I’m talking about, but to quickly fill you in, it’s a software program that constantly generates leads and automates marketing.

We are driving a ton of traffic through Facebook ads, Google ads and other online traffic into this automation funnel. People are showing up at our PT workshops and that is really, really cool.

The steps to increasing PT workshop attendance

In the past, when people would call in to register, Chip would send them through our automation system. A “thank you for registering for the workshop” and then they would get a series of 3 or 4 more emails and a couple of videos (something that we call an indoctrination sequence).

Realize that once people registered for the workshop at Chip’s clinic, they were getting some communication.

But then…

Chip decided to print out his list and call each person that had registered.

He asked them a very important question. (Specifically regarding his upcoming back pain workshop.)

You might have seen this in other places… especially if you have ever read Jeff Walker’s book, Launch. It was a New York Times Bestseller.

He has something in there called the shot across the bow.

Chip called live and just said, “Hey, this is Chip. I have run a ton of these clinics and I have been doing them for years, but I really just wanted to ask you a question, so that I deliver the best Physical Therapy workshop for you.

  • What are the top 2 questions that you have on back pain and sciatica?
  • Is there anything specific that you want me to cover?

I will make sure that I cover it at the workshop.”

The person would answer. He would write down the person’s response and make sure that he covered that during his workshop.

Really, really smart.

Now let’s think…

What are the mechanisms that we used?

For one…  rather than only sending emails or videos or doing something with automation, we are also introducing communication.


We are also saying, “Hey, I know what I have to say is important and valuable. I have been working on this for a long time, but I really care about your perspective, what you are going through, how you are suffering and what you want to learn about.”

That is huge and it makes people feel really valuable in a genuine, authentic sort of way.

When he did that, how likely do you think they were to show up for the workshop?

Very, very, VERY likely.

Also, Chip mentioned that during those phone calls he already had 10 people immediately scheduled for the next workshop.

really smart question.

So. what do you do with this information?

Every single time that you get a lead.. whether it’s at a Health Fair or it’s someone that is coming in for a free exam or a discovery session…

Call beforehand.

Every time.

“Hey, even though I have done this many times and I usually cover everything, I want to make sure that I address anything that is on your mind.”

“What specific concerns do you have about back pain and sciatica or balance and gait problems or fall prevention?”

Whatever it is that you are doing – it is going to make your relationship so much better because it shows that you truly care where the other person is coming from.

Just think about the long term growth that this created for Chip.

If you had 100 people register for your next 2 Physical Therapy workshops…

Would you rather have 35 of those 100 show up or would you rather have 58 show up?

Because if 58 show up, a certain percentage of those people will end up scheduling an appointment, going through physical therapy, getting a good result,  and then are more likely to refer people in the future and more likely to return for additional care as well.

Its really, really important that we pay attention and that we are scientific.

This would be like your classic A/B Split Test.

B won so this is now the control.

Do you ever think Chip is going to not call before he does another PT workshop?

I doubt it.

It should be the same with you.

I know that the second that I heard that story, I did the same exact thing within my own practice.

I started reaching out to everybody who registered for our physical therapy workshops and asking the same exact question and immediately we got responses back.

Take Action

Don’t be afraid to jump on the phone and call those who have registered for your workshop.

Getting an idea of what your participants are expecting ahead of time will only benefit you as you go into each new session.

Even though you are the expert and have organized many of these… we all know that each one is different depending on your participants.

You and your business will benefit from picking up the phone and making those phone calls.

Until next time,


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