Jason Waz and Financial Freedom for PT Private Practice Owners

Financial Freedom for Physical Therapy Practice Owners: A Success Story

The Journey to Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom is a common goal for many private physical therapy practice owners, but the path to get there is often filled with obstacles. Ever-increasing operational expenses, decreasing reimbursements, rising staffing costs, and the looming threat of burnout make it challenging to find success. However, Jason Waz’s journey proves that it is possible to overcome these hurdles and reach financial independence.

For the first decade of running his physical therapy practice, Jason’s primary focus was simply keeping his head above water. However, in 2017, he discovered a game-changing technology that transformed his business forever – the Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator (NEUBIE) device.

Referral Increase

Struck by the remarkable results, Jason quickly implemented the NEUBIE in his practice. Within just four months, he saw a 30% increase in referrals. Patients were no longer adamant about being treated exclusively by Jason, allowing him to hand them over to other practitioners and focus on managing the business.

The success of the NEUBIE device led Jason to found NeuPT Technologies, an initiative aimed at sharing this innovative technology with other PT practices. NeuPT Technologies provides the machine, support, and accredited PT-specific training to help practices maximize its use.

Stay Competitive

Thanks to advancements like the NEUBIE, physical therapy practices now have the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition by offering cutting-edge treatment options that deliver improved outcomes and high-quality care. This not only helps retain existing clients but also attracts new ones, opening up additional revenue streams.

In the first year of integrating the NEUBIE technology, Jason’s PT business saw a remarkable 91% increase in total revenue and a staggering 500% increase in private pay (cash-based) revenue. The per-visit net revenue increased by $14, and a steady 20-25% revenue increase continued over the next two years.

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