My Shortest Physical Thearpy Marketing Training Module Ever

My Shortest PT Marketing Module Ever

“I just opened my Physical Therapy practice. I don’t have a list. How do I do GILs, 7 SKE, KTM, GPE and Patient Newsletters if I don’t have a list?”

Here are 2 solutions…

The first is aggressive, but easy.

The second requires more work, but is safer and conservative.

Other Resources to Level Up Your PT Private Practice Marketing:

Scientific Advertising” (ebook) -Claude C. Hopkins is considered to be one of the great advertising pioneers, and this book is a terrific primer on direct response marketing aka advertising that gets results. LINK

How to Use Direct Response Marketing in Your PT Practice” (blog post) – In this blog, I translate some of the principles from Scientific Advertising in a way that’s directly applicable to PTs. I even give step-by-step instructions on creating a direct response ad.

Lessons Learned From The Most Famous Marketing Guru Alive” (video) – I had the opportunity to sit down with marketing legend Dan Kennedy and hear his thoughts on what private practice owner MUST do if they want to control their new patient flow.

How to Double Your Practice In Less Than 3 Years” (online class) – This free online class covers six simple strategies to increase your new patient flow, help more people in pain get back to normal naturally, reduce your treatment hours & leave a lasting impact in your local community.

If you have questions or are interested in our Automated Direct Access Marketing Solutions for your PT Practice contact us here.

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