Want to take your physical therapy private practice to new heights? Join us for a game-changing episode and learn the $20M Marketing System for Physical Therapy Private Practices.

In a recent webinar, Chad Madden taught a live audience how he used precise marketing systems, honed over 20 years, to grow his PT practice from $4M to $20.8M in 6 years.

Tune in to reveal:

  • The #1 Key Ingredient of a Marketing System
  • Common Marketing Pitfalls
  • 5 Pathways of New Patient Flow
  • How to Set Up A Marketing Department

Discover the critical difference between processes and full-blown systems – and why having robust systems in place is the key to unlocking explosive growth for your practice. Chad pulls back the curtain on his proven system-building framework that has allowed him to consistently attract new patients while avoiding the pitfalls that trap other practices.

You’ll learn indispensable secrets, such as when and how to leap into online advertising juggernauts like Facebook and Instagram. Chad explains how to track and optimize your marketing efforts for maximum impact and returns.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to take your established practice to stratospheric new levels, this podcast is packed with forward-thinking insights and real-world tactics you won’t want to miss. Tune in and grow your practice while you gain an edge over your competition.

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