Throwback Episode from September 2021: “Practice Owner & author Steve Line Shares How to Grow Your Practice with “The Feel Good Experience”

Join Chad Madden for an insightful conversation with Steven L. Line, the author of “The Feel-Good Experience: Growing Your Physical Therapy Practice with 5-Star Customer Service.” In this engaging episode, you’ll discover ways you can revolutionize the patient experience in your practice.

Tune in to learn about efficiency, management strategies, team development, and using metrics for healthcare practice growth and success.

“The Feel-Good Experience” provides a comprehensive game plan for healthcare providers, practice owners, and managers to enhance their practices through an integrated approach focused on the patient experience.

Steven’s practical step-by-step guide is a must-read for anyone seeking better outcomes for their patients, their team, and their practice. Take the first step towards creating a truly exceptional patient experience in your healthcare practice.

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Steve’s Book is Available Here