IMG Physical Therapy

Chris Gordos

Honestly, I don't know if we would have been profitable without adding the laser and other cash-based services.

Chris Gordos, owner of IMG Physical Therapy, faced challenges with profit margins stemming from declining reimbursements, escalating costs, and staffing problems. To address these issues, he introduced the innovative EnovisTM LightForce® Laser Campaign, which resulted in rapid success, generating over $4K in 90 days and yielding a remarkable 300% ROI. Chris credits his financial accomplishments in 2023 to the efficient processes established in collaboration with Breakthrough for promoting cash-pay laser packages, and for converting cold-market leads into patients.

Key Takeaways
Surpassed 300% ROI Goal
with Laser Funnel Facebook Advertising
Added $36K Annually
Through Laser & Cash-Based Services
$4K+ in 90 Days
From Laser Campaign Free Screen Appointment Campaign

Over 300% ROI Earned With Breakthrough’s Exclusive EnovisTM LightForce® Laser Campaign

Chris Gordos, DPT, COMT, owner of IMG Physical Therapy, was struggling with profitability due to various economic pressures: reimbursement cuts, rising costs, staffing issues, inflation, and other major challenges. These problems were exacerbated by the sudden departure of two clinicians, leading to an abrupt increase in workload and a decline in profitability. 

Chris was breaking even, but he needed to increase revenue in order to improve his profitability and grow his practice.

He was one of the first to use the new EnovisTM LightForce® Laser Campaign and saw immediate success – over $4K in less than 90 days and over 300% ROI.

Laser treatment packages got IMG back on track. IMG Physical Therapy successfully attracted new patients and diversified revenue streams by advertising its services with the EnovisTM LightForce® Laser Funnel, offering complimentary screenings, and implementing a two-tier pricing strategy.

Results and Impact

  • Financial Results: Despite initial uncertainties regarding profitability, the practice witnessed substantial returns from cash-based services, with an average monthly revenue of $2,500 to $3,000. 
  • Patient Conversion: A significant percentage of free trial recipients transitioned into paying patients.
    • As Chris says, “We give patients one free trial, and I don’t have to sell. We advertise, and they come in, we show them, and they do it. With the Laser Funnel, we spent $1,800 on Facebook advertising… Right now, we’re at $4,000 and rising, so we’re over our 3-to-1 goal.” 

Operational Strategies

  • EnovisTM LightForce® Laser Appointment Funnel: The practice adopted a streamlined appointment process. They focused on automated advertising services through GrowthX, attracting new patients, and streamlining the conversion process.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Tailoring services to meet patient needs and preferences successfully engaged a predominantly frugal demographic, leading to customer retention, more willingness to pay for cash laser packages, and positive outcomes. 
  • Cold-Traffic Marketing: Many leads who would not have known about IMG Physical Therapy came in the doors after seeing an EnovisTM LightForce® Laser Appointment Funnel advertising and became paying patients as well as utilizing laser services. 
    • “So when I look at it and say, all right, 10 people that are coming in are turning into patients that would never have been patients before. That to me is a no brainer…”
  • By participating in the laser funnel and investing $1,800 in Facebook advertising, the practice generated over $4,000 in revenue. This initiative resulted in the conversion of laser clients into patients with plans of care, further boosting the overall revenue.

Chris’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of cash-based services in reshaping a physical therapy private practice’s profitability. Through innovative approaches, strategic pricing, and a patient-centric mindset, IMG Physical Therapy achieved sustainable growth and client satisfaction by using the EnovisTM LightForce® Laser Therapy Campaign.