MultiCare Medical

Dr. Tonya Boeckenhauer

MultiCare booked $57K+ in new patient revenue in their first 3 months with Breakthrough

Within the first 90-days of working with Breakthrough, Dr. Tonya Boeckenhauer added $57K+ in new patient revenue to her Chiropractic practice.

From her initial conversations with the Breakthrough team, Dr. Boeckenhauer could tell their solution was different. It was clear the team was extremely knowledgeable and had an end-to-end system that worked.

Key Takeaways
$45,000 In Revenue
From Their First Workshop
From Their Advertising
$57,500 In Revenue
In Their First 90 Days

Growth-Oriented Clinic Owner Wants to Help More People in the Community 

Dr. Tonya Boeckenhauer is a Chiropractic Physician and Owner of MultiCare Medical, an integrated Spine + Pain Center. Open for 13 years, the clinic has multiple locations and 30 staff members. 

As a growth-minded owner, Dr. Bockenhauer is always exploring ways to get her clinic’s name out and provide new services to the community. Each year, the clinic sets growth goals. This year, that goal is to open a new clinic by year’s end. Strong initial results working with Breakthrough make her hopeful they will be able to make their expansion dreams come true. 

The Challenge

Finding an End-to-End Marketing Solution That Works

Dr. Bockenhauer first came across Breakthrough in late 2021. Initially, she had some hesitation, as she’s tried different marketing companies in the past. Like other clinic owners, Bockenhauer gets bombarded all the time with people saying they can help market her practice. 

From her initial conversations with the Breakthrough team, Dr. Bockenhauer could tell their solution was different. It was clear the team was extremely knowledgeable and had an end-to-end system that worked.

“I tried so many different avenues over the years. I chose Breakthrough over other options because I could see it was a real system. They have a full circle marketing plan that takes you from beginning to end, and they provide so much training and one-on-one attention. I love that.”

Dr. Tonya Boeckenhauer, Clinic Owner

The Opportunity

Tapping Into the Power of Community to Provide a New Service for Patients

As healthcare evolves and better treatment options become available, Dr. Boeckenhauer aims to bring these services to her patients. By doing so, she and her clinic are able to help more people and address a wider range of health challenges. 

One new area of treatment is in the neuropathy realm. A 2014 study¹ estimated that as many as 10% of Americans experience neuropathic pain. The most common treatment is pharmaceuticals, but this is often insufficient for treating pain. Recent studies (such as a 2019 study² in Current  Treatment Options in Neurology) show that manual adjustments, massage, acupuncture, laser treatments, and other conservative care options can help treat neuropathy. 

Other Breakthrough providers have found success and growth opportunities by launching neuropathy treatment programs. Breakthrough now offers comprehensive training on how to build and market a neuropathy offering. Dr. Bockenhauer was able to leverage the training and Breakthrough community expertise to build a neuropathy treatment package for MultiCare. 

“One of the things I really appreciated about Breakthrough was the ability to connect with the other providers, along with the resources and tools they offered to help me compile a treatment plan,” Bockenhauer said. “I am now able to reach out to patients in a confident way because I know that we have a solid program. I was able to build off the research that everyone else has done to create the neuropathy program we have today. Now if someone comes in with neuropathy, I know we’re going to be able to help.”

Dr. Tonya Boeckenhauer, Clinic Owner

The Solution

Building Patient Demand through Educational Workshops

One of the key mechanisms Breakthrough uses to create patient demand through online advertising is the workshop. Here is an example of how this plays out:

  • Someone suffering from neuropathy in your area sees an online ad about neuropathy pain and clicks the ad to learn more.
  • The ad takes them to a landing page with patient-centric educational content about neuropathy treatment options. The landing page promotes an upcoming neuropathy workshop you’re hosting in their area. 
  • The individual signs up to attend the workshop and receives a confirmation email and text. 
  • They’re added to the lead management system within the Breakthrough platform. Here, you can see all registrants and automatically send confirmation and reminder emails and text. 
  • At the workshop, you have an opportunity to demonstrate credibility and expertise around this individual’s neuropathy pain and educate them about your solution.
  • More than half of people who attend a workshop typically convert to patients with a treatment plan. 

Shortly after starting with Breakthrough, Dr. Boeckenhauer launched workshop ads and held her first workshop.

“It was very easy to get started,” she said. “I love the way Breakthrough provides all the information and training you need to be able to present a workshop, including content for the presentations and videos of someone doing a workshop on the same topic.” Dr. Tonya Boeckenhauer, Clinic Owner


17 Workshop Attendees from 2 Workshops Generate $57,500 in Booked Revenue

To date, MultiCare has held two workshops. Nine attendees showed up to the first workshop (despite winter storm conditions). Five of the nine attendees signed up for treatment plans, totaling $45,000 in booked revenue. 

The second workshop generated $12,500 in booked revenue. 

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About Breakthrough

Breakthrough is the leading patient demand platform for conservative care practices looking for consistent, predictable revenue growth. Every month, the platform generates over $5M in new patient revenue for private practice chiropractors and physical therapists.

For practices looking to consistently grow, become the go-to option in their local market and expand into new ones, they need a patient demand platform. They need Breakthrough.

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