Haynes Physical Therapy

Luke and Ashtyn Haynes

From Peaks and Valleys to Consistent Practice Growth

Ashtyn and Luke Haynes have a goal to make Haynes PT the leading physical therapy provider in their region.

But for a long time, their practice was stuck in a cycle of feast and famine when it came to getting new patients in the door. That all changed when they joined Breakthrough.

Key Takeaways
30% Increase
In Total Number of Patients
4 New PTs
Added to Team
Million Dollars in Revenue
Goal Hit in 2020

While many practices had to pull back their advertising during the pandemic, the team at Haynes PT decided to double down on their marketing efforts with the help of Breakthrough.

As a result, their patient flow never slowed down, they hired four new clinicians over the course of the year, opened a new practice, and had their best year.

Luke and Ashtyn understand that they won’t be able to achieve their business goals without consistent patient flow and growth. And so they rely on Breakthrough to streamline their marketing process and keep a continuous flow of patients coming into their clinics.