Neff Physical Therapy

Dan Neff

Replacing Physician Referrals with Patients Direct from the Public

Going direct to the consumer helped this practice owner replace the need for physician referrals and expand his practice into 2 new locations.

When opening up his second location, Dan and his staff used Growth X to generate 112 patient visits in one week at the new clinic.

Key Takeaways
112 Patient Visits
Week 1 at De Novo Location
61 Free Screens
from 1 Marketing Promotion
2 Additional Clinics Opened
after Joining Growth X

Like many Private Practice owners, Dan Neff decided to open up his own PT practice in order to ensure that he could provide the highest quality care to members of his community. For years, providing high quality care and establishing relationships with local physicians helped Dan build Neff PT into a healthy, thriving practice. But this all changed when the physicians started opening up their own practices and referring patients in-house.

And when referrals to Neff PT dropped, Dan knew he had to start generating new patients directly from the public.

These days, Dan relies on the Growth X platform to drive new patients into his clinics. Having an end-to-end system in place has allowed Dan to recover from the loss of physician referrals and expand his practice.

Starting with 112 Patient Visits at a New Clinic…During the Slow Season!

One of the best examples of how Growth X helped Dan grow his practice involves the opening of his second location.

Construction on the new clinic was delayed which pushed back the opening date until right before Christmas. Opening so close to the holidays seemed like a recipe for failure at first. But Dan and his team used Growth X to promote a day of free screens at the new clinic right when it opened.

The event was advertised on Facebook and to Neff PT’s past patient list. And when someone expressed interest in attending, they were then nurtured via an automated email sequence.

As a result of this promotion, the new clinic opened with 112 patient visits scheduled during their first week.