Atlas Physical Therapy

TJ and Laura Sanner

This family-owned practice is on the fast track to $1 million+ in annual revenue after two years in business.

After working with Breakthrough, TJ and Laura were able to Increase their patient flow and decrease Laura's treatment time by 50%!

Key Takeaways
204% YoY
Increase in Revenue
2X Patient Visits
After 6 Months

TJ and Laura Sanner found some success within the first few months of opening their practice.

They’d grown to the point where they needed to bring on a PTA, only to find that their new hire was immediately under-utilized.

Conventional marketing methods like doctor lunches and sponsoring local sports teams weren’t producing results. The stress to fill their new employee’s schedule was adding up. And the Sanners knew that advertising on banners and Yelp wasn’t going to move the needle.

Working with Breakthrough helped the Sanners formulate a totally different marketing plan than they ever thought possible  – which lead to some big wins for their practice.