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Driving Practice Growth with Cash-Based Services with Enovis

Strategies to Increase Cash-Based Revenue

In March 2024, EnovisTM hosted a comprehensive webinar focusing on a topic that’s increasingly relevant for physical therapy and rehabilitation practices: cash-based services. The event, which was co-facilitated by industry experts Mark Callinan, Director of Clinical Education at EnovisTM, shared valuable insights and strategies for incorporating and maximizing the benefits of cash-based services within a practice. Here’s an in-depth look at the key takeaways from this enlightening webinar.

The Rise of Cash-Based Services

With declining reimbursements from traditional insurance-based revenue streams, the future for many practices may seem daunting. However, introducing cash-based services offers a beacon of hope. These services not only bolster your clinic’s revenue but can significantly enhance patient satisfaction by providing quick, effective pain relief treatments. Moreover, they differentiate your practice in a competitive market, making it a go-to choice for prospective patients seeking specialized treatments such as laser therapy or shockwave treatment.

The Low-Hanging Fruit: Your Current Patient Base

Leveraging your existing patient base as the primary audience for your new cash-based services is crucial. This approach presents the lowest-hanging fruit, allowing you to generate additional revenue with minimal marketing efforts. Your current patients already trust your care and are more likely to adopt new services that can expedite their healing process.

Marketing Strategies That Work

Among the most successful tactics in today’s industry include hosting an open house event, which serves dual purposes: it educates your current and past patients about the new services and reactivates former patients who might benefit from these treatments. Another compelling strategy involves running targeted email and text campaigns to your patient list, a tactic that has yielded substantial reengagement and revenue generation for practices.

Operationalizing Cash-Based Services

Implementing cash-based services isn’t merely about purchasing equipment and waiting for patients to sign up; it requires a strategic approach to integrating these services into your patient flow. Educate your team about the benefits and application of these services, ensuring they are well-equipped to introduce and recommend them to patients. Importantly, practices need to focus on collecting payments for these services upfront, often through packages, to secure a commitment from patients and streamline revenue collection.

EnovisTM Exclusive Campaigns For LightForce® and Chattanooga® Devices

The Breakthrough-EnovisTM partnership program was designed to aid practices in incorporating and marketing cash-based services effectively. This comprehensive program offers done-for-you marketing campaigns, extensive training for staff, and sophisticated tracking tools to measure ROI, ensuring practices can confidently market and deliver their new services.

A Bright Future with Cash-Based Services

This webinar illuminates the path forward for practices looking to future-proof their operations and increase profitability amidst changing healthcare reimbursement landscapes. By adopting and effectively marketing cash-based services, practices can not only survive but thrive, providing enhanced value to their patients while bolstering their bottom line. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, embracing innovative service models like those discussed in the webinar will be crucial for sustained success.

If you want to learn more about the EnovisTM exclusive marketing campaigns with Breakthrough, visit http://getbreakthrough.com/enovis/


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